Will Insurance Cover My Storm Damaged Roof?

July 14, 2017 by Noland's Roofing

Summer in Florida puts us smack in the middle of hurricane season, and this does not bode well for our roofs. The high winds and heavy rains together can spell out disaster for your roof. This is why you should familiarize yourself with what your homeowners insurance policy will cover in the event of storm damage.

Understanding Coverage

Every insurance agency offers varying coverage depending on circumstances, but most homeowners insurance policies cover the same broad spectrum:

  • Electrical Damage – In the unfortunate event that lightning strikes your home, your insurance policy should cover it. Though the likelihood of lightning striking your roof is not too likely when storms begin to rage it is comforting to know that you have coverage. Lightning strikes to your roof could not only damage your electrical system but could lead to fire given the right conditions.
  • Fallen Trees – A major concern when a storm hits is the potential of a tree falling on your home and in some cases, destroying your roof. Wind damage is often included in your coverage so as long as the tree fell due to the wind, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered.
  • Water – Damage from water is a little tricky when looking at insurance coverage. If a storm results in a leak in your roof, your insurance most likely covers the repairs on the roof itself, but not the resulting water damage from the leak. Water damage from a leak could fall under a flood insurance policy, but not necessarily homeowners/

Know Your Coverage

Understanding the extent of your coverage is crucial to keeping your roof safe. The last thing you want is to come face to face with damage to your roof that you are not insured for and find yourself paying out of pocket. At Noland’s Roofing, we keep your wallet in mind and offer cost effective services in roof repair, so all you have to pay is your insurance deductible. We will also send out an expert to assist you in making the insurance claim to ensure thoroughness. If your roof is in need of repair, call us today at 407-634-6084 for free estimates and guaranteed pricing.

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