Staff was very helpful and informative

I just wanted to drop a note to all of you at Noland’s, and thanks for your cooperation in meeting my needs during the process of getting my house re-roofed in the kings ridge community.

Your office staff was very helpful and informative, and provided me with all the necessary information that i required, in order to make the decision to hire your company to re-roof my house. I mentioned it to several of you during my visits to your office but, i have to say it again, i was totally amazed with the workmanship of your crew on the day they showed up to complete the task of stripping and re-shingling my house.

The care they took in spreading the famous blue tarp around the perimeter of my house, for the purpose of collecting the debris and protecting the landscaping was fantastic. Even more surprising was the obvious fact that, the ten men were up on the roof, stripping shingle within minutes after their arrival. I was as well, even more amazed that my roof had been re-shingled within just a few hours. We were never inconvenienced for one moment as i had originally expected.

My only inconvenience was that i could not pay off my balance quick enough after the job was completed. That was not Noland’s fault but, the local building departments fault.

Thanks again for everyone’s cooperation, friendliness, and for the great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!