Roof Leak Repair

August 24, 2017 by Noland's Roofing

Your roof can easily come to incur damage over time, and when this happens, leaks are incredibly common. Regardless of how small a leak may be, the resulting damage can be substantial and needs to be repaired immediately. You should be aware of how to handle leaks to prevent considerable loss when they pop up.

Find the Leak

You might find yourself standing in the kitchen and notice water damage on the ceiling with a slight drip forming at the center, only to crawl into the attic and find the area directly above it dry as a bone. Leaks in the roof tend to allow the water to roll across the attic and drip into the home elsewhere, so sometimes the leak needs to be tracked down. There are a few approaches you can take:

  • Using a garden hose, spray the area of the roof where the leak is suspected to be. Have a helper inside the home alert you when the drip seems to form
  • While inside your attic, turn off the lights and look for a beam of sunlight shining through as the light will be coming through the hole in the roof.

Quick Fixes

While there is no substitute for professional care and dedication, in the event of an emergency you might need to provide some covering to prevent further damage. Polyethylene sheeting is a great option when looking to protect the leaking portion of your roof. Simply cut the sheet to the appropriate size with about four additional feet to use for wrapping around a 2 by 4. Staple the sheet to the two by four after wrapping it and then add another 2 by 4 onto the first one and nail them together. Stretch this length of plastic across the desired portion of the roof and use more 2 by 4s to secure it flush against the eaves of the roof.

Professional Leak Repair

Do-it-yourself roof repair isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but it isn’t always the safest way to do things. You should always rely on certified contractors to handle your roof repair to ensure the best for your roof. At Noland’s Roofing, we offer 24-hour emergency services, so your roof is always covered. For more information on our roof repair services, contact us at 407-634-6084 for your free estimate today.

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