Storm Damage

Did you know that if your roof shows any signs of hail or wind damage, it could possibly be repaired or replaced through your homeowner’s insurance policy? When it’s time for a new roof, many homeowners simply hire a Orlando roofing company, fork over the entire replacement cost, and deal with the possible debt or financed payments for years to come.

Here at Noland’s Roofing, we have the best interest (and wallet) of our customers in mind. If your roof has storm damage, wind damage, or any other type of damage that was obviously sustained from a covered loss, your insurance will more than likely cover the Orlando roof repair or Orlando roof replacement. The only money that you’ll be responsible for as the homeowner is your deductible. So, why do you need a Noland’s Roofing expert to help you with this process? Here’s how we can help.

As soon as a client calls us for a repair or replacement, one of our roofing experts first examines the roof for these types of covered damages. If this damage is found, the roofing expert will help you make the insurance claim.
Insurance companies will ask specific questions such as

  • What is your date of loss?
  • How do you know that is hail damage.?
  • Why didn’t you report it sooner;?
  • What weather source did you use?

We’d be happy to point out the specific roof damages to the claims adjuster and give our take on how this damage could have been caused and when.

Not only does Noland’s Roofing promise you great service, quality work, and a fair price, but we also will try our best to help you through the insurance claim process if needed. Give us a call today so we can take a look at your roof and offer a free estimate, as well as our expert guidance and assistance!